MarcDeClercq wetplate ECW©Tony Richards2015L.jpgPortrait by Tony Richards at The European Collodion Weekend


My name is Marc De Clercq  and  I am a Belgian based documentary photographer living in Gent.  I am specialised in portraits and landscapes.

In the past two years  I have been experimenting with wet plate collodion and am currently building my own wetplate studio in Gent.

This is  an overview of different projects I have worked on in the past or are still ongoing.

I love traveling, arts and music.

I am available for assignments


My  photography  is  © Copyrighted and  All Rights Reserved. None of these photos may be reproduced and/or used in any form of publication, print or on the Internet without my permission. If you feel inspired by my pictures and would like to use them,  do contact me.
High res images are available.

Enjoy my pictures.

Many greetings

Marc De Clercq

I love old photographs and have been collecting them for years. I like pictures with a twist….my personal collection of old and found photographs can enjoyed on www.marcdeclercqcollection.wordpress.com